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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Journey to motherhood.....

As I reflect upon the last 9 months, I am overcome by a sense of pride and now with a baby in my life, it is a happiest moment of my life. The day when the test confirmed positive for my pregnancy, it was the moment of mixed feelings. Moment of happiness, exhilaration and worry. Happiness for being a mother, exhilaration for welcoming a new member in the family and worry about, how well shall I look after the baby, will I prove to be a good mother?
My god! the labor pain was one of the most painful experience of my life, being in the pain for more than 21 hours was worst part of my life and I wanted it to end and finally the wait came to end at 7:30 pm when a baby boy was born. After everything was settled, when I saw the face of my baby, the tears of happiness rolled from my eyes and my families were happy to see the baby.
The very moment when my baby sucked my breast, I felt like a mother. To be a mother was a very new experience for me and I had very little knowledge about babysitting, in the beginning it was a hiccup for me, baby crying and not knowing how to make him quite, breastfeeding whenever demanded by the baby and washing his stool and urine .Bathing him every morning and evening and changing his nappy time to time but gradually along with the time it became part of my life and believe me I loved doing it.
Since my young age, children hold special place in my heart and now I have a child of my own, who is close to my heart. Today my son is 11 months and 22 days old. I am waiting for the moment, when my son will speak and utter, “Mama”. To be a good mother one should have a good guidance from a mother but I was not so fortunate like other children who grew up under the shelter of a mother’s love. It was my father from whom I received the love and care. And now it is my turn to render my love and care to my dear.
Whenever the babies cried I always complained about their noise and wondered how the mother’s tolerated their cries but whenever, bundle of my joy cried it pierced my heart and then I realized being a mother. My son is apple of the eye for me and my husband and I am fortunate to have a cute son like him.
Every woman is not so lucky to experience the relationship of the motherhood but I am so lucky to experience this new bond.
I have lived many relations, good daughter, fun loving friend, faithful wife and now a new brand relation called motherhood. I am looking forward to enjoy the relationship of a son and a mother. Today I am a mother and I am proud to be a mother.

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