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Friday, December 24, 2010

House gutted in Bjemina

Thimphu: A two-storied house in Bjemina, Thim­phu, was razed to the ground by fire yesterday evening.
Despite having four fire engines at the scene, the house could not be saved and a refrigerator was the only item that was sal­vaged in the end.
The fire had started at around 5:00 pm. It was first noticed by one of the tenants living on the second floor.
 She had gone out to fetch water when she spotted the fire burning at one corner of the house.
At the time of the in­cident, there was no one in the house except for a 10-month old child who was fortunately saved by the mother.
The ground floor was used as a restaurant while the upper floor had three units in which the labor­ers working at a nearby quarry lived.
The fire could have started due to a short circuit or from a bukari, according to the police.
The house belonged to the Singye group of companies. The property destroyed is estimated at around Nu 250,000.
An eye witness said that if there was no timely intervention by the fire fighters, the entire quarry site would have gone up in flames.
The four families living in the house watched helplessly as the fire de­stroyed everything they owned.

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